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What is Cider?

By definition:




an alcoholic drink made from fermented apple juice.

Cider can be known by many different names depending on where you are in the world, however some names which can describe the same product include:





Suure Moscht

What is special about Cider from Ciderhouse.ch?

All of the Cider at Ciderhouse.ch is made from 100% Fresh pressed juice. Nothing from concentrate, no artificial flavours, no artificial colours or sweeteners. Just great, natural Cider.

Some ingredients found in the Ciders at CIderhouse.ch which are not found in many other Cider include love, care, passion and attention to detail.

Taste the difference for yourself.

How is one Cider different from another?

Cider has the same (some argue greater) depth of tastes and pallets as fine Wine.

There are many factors which can influence the taste of a Cider, including:

Apple Variety

Yeast (for fermentation)

Method of Fermentation

Environmental Conditions

Blending (the art of the Cidermaker)

For many years, Cider has been sold as Sweet, Medium, Dry or somewhere along that scale. This only goes so far in describing the attributes of Cider and other such factors such as Acidity or 'Body' can also be used in the same way as is with Wine.

A perfect place to explore the range of tastes is with our Craft Cider Discovery Case.

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